A gunman has been arrested after entering a Florida high school and shooting dead at least 17 children and teachers and injuring as many as 18 others.

Suspect Nikolas Cruz, 19, was apprehended by local police after a brief manhunt following the attack on the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, north of Miami.

Cruz was previously expelled from the institution for “disciplinary reasons”, it has emerged.

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2 mins ago

More on Republic of Florida, the white nationalist group that sought to establish a “white ethno-state” and said suspect Nikolas Cruz was a member: here’s an interview with the group’s leader predicting bloodshed:

Jordan Jereb, local leader for the ROF

Tallahassee DemocratJordan Jereb, local leader for the Republic of Florida, a separatist group on the Southern Poverty Law Center’s Hate Watch


41 mins ago

Former President Barack Obama is calling for “common-sense gun safety laws” following Wednesday’s school shooting in Florida.
“We are grieving with Parkland. But we are not powerless. Caring for our kids is our first job,” he tweeted.

He added:  “And until we can honestly say that we’re doing enough to keep them safe from harm, including long overdue, common-sense gun safety laws that most Americans want, then we have to change.”

49 mins ago

Here is report from the Associated Press:

The leader of a white nationalist militia says Florida school shooting suspect Nikolas Cruz was a member of his group and participated in paramilitary drills in Tallahassee.
Jordan Jereb said that his group wants Florida to become its own white ethno-state. He said his group holds “spontaneous random demonstrations” and tries not to participate in the modern world.
Mr Jereb said he didn’t know Mr Cruz personally

58 mins ago

Suspect Nikolas Cruz was a member of a white supremacist group, the Anti-Defamation League reports — citing a member of the Republic of Florida organisation.
The AP has confirmed his membership.

Florida White Supremacist Group Admits Ties to Alleged Parkland School Shooter Nikolas Cruz

Anti-Defamation LeagueA spokesperson for the white supremacist group Republic of Florida (ROF) told the Anti-Defamation League onthat Nikolas Cruz was associated with his group.

1 hour ago

Mental illness has been a recurring theme in Donald Trump’s remarks, with the President noting on Twitter unspecified “signs that the shooter was mentally disturbed”.
Last year, Mr Trump signed a bill reversing an Obama-era rule that would have expanded gun purchase background checks to include people receiving Social Security checks for mental illness and those who need a third party to help handle their financial affairs:

Donald Trump signs bill allowing mentally ill people to buy guns

The IndependentPresident Donald Trump has signed a resolution blocking an Obama-era rule that would have prevented an estimated 75,000 people with mental disorders from buying guns.  The rule was part of former President Barack Obama’s push to strengthen the federal background check system in the wake of the 2012 Newtown, Connecticut shooting.  

1 hour ago

In case you didn’t get a chance to watch, here is a long clip from Donald Trump’s speech:

1 hour ago

Others have also had strong reactions to the shooting, with one CNN analyst breaking down in tears about victims of the shooting.

Counter terrorism analyst breaks down in tears talking about Florida shooting victims

1 hour ago

A sheriff’s deputy responding to a report of gunfire at a private school near the site of a mass shooting a Florida high school accidentally fired his gun, injuring his leg. 

The Broward Sheriff’s Office said in a news release that the deputy was among law enforcement officers responding to reports of shots being fired at North Broward Preparatory School on Thursday morning. He was treated for his injuries at the scene and no one else was injured. 

The initial report was investigated and sheriff’s officials said it was unfounded. 

In the meantime, all Broward County high schools are on a “code yellow,” which means students should remain in classrooms with doors locked. Officials said this is precautionary following the Wednesday afternoon shooting that killed 17 students at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, which is a suburb of Fort Lauderdale. 

1 hour ago

Mr Trump may not be talking about gun control, but the Democrats certainly are:

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi has called for expanded background checks. Democrats also want to create a committee to examine gun violence. 

Ms Pelosi said: “We hope that we will have more than a moment of silence.” 

Yet attempts to pass stricter gun laws have gone nowhere in recent years. 

Rep. Mike Thompson of California has been leading Democratic efforts on gun control. Mr Thompson is a gun owner who says the US. is in the midst of a crisis. He adds “You can’t turn around without there being a mass shooting.” 

Mr Thompson is also criticising Republicans for how Congress has responded to the shootings, saying they should be embarrassed that GOP leaders “wouldn’t address this issue.” 

2 hours ago


Mr Trump said the nation was “joined together as one American family” after the shooting.

Mr Trump said he wanted to speak directly to America’s children, saying “you are never alone, and you never will be”. He said no child should have to go to school fearing for their lives.

Mr Trump said he would travel to Florida to meet with victims’ families, explore how to better secure schools and “tackle the difficult issue of mental health”.

That was closest he got to the issue of gun control.

2 hours ago

Mr Trump says it is “not enough to feel like we are making a difference, we actually have to make a difference”. But makes no mention of gun control.

2 hours ago

Mr Trump says he is making plans to visit Parkland.

2 hours ago

He says the community of Parkland, Florida is now “searching for answers” – will President Trump provide any during this speech?

2 hours ago

He says the nation is “praying for the victims and their families”.

2 hours ago

Donald Trump is now speaking from the White House – calling the attack a scene of “hatred and evil” and that he is addressing a nation in “grief”

2 hours ago

Sheriff Israel has gained a reputation for his emotional speeches at press conferences. Here is another – when talking about people being worried about their gun ownership rights.

2 hours ago

At least three victims remain in critical condition in local hospitals

2 hours ago

Superintendent Ron Runcie says the gunman came onto campus as the school was letting out for hometime “which is a fairly open time”.

He says he cannot provide information about the former student, who is the suspect in the case – but that they had been providing sopport to that student and there had been “challenges”.

2 hours ago

Sheriff Israel says authorities believe they know where the weapon used in the shooting, an AR-15 rifle, was purchased – but they are chasing up the background to that weapon.

2 hours ago

Sheriff Israel is now asking for more resources for dealing with those that show the they may want to commit such violence.

Also, more on his comments over copy-cat threats:

Sheriff Scott Israel said people have called in copy-cat threats at other schools in Florida today, and they would investigate each of these calls.

“Any fake call … any call that’s made to take out resources at a time like this” will receive the maximum charge, Mr Israel said. “For doing something so horrific, so pathetic.”

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