Not a day goes by where Dan does not enjoy the success of his business revolving around events and parties, but nonetheless there are challenges and struggles in everyone’s lives, and this includes Dan Bilzerian. Although plenty of his family members are proud of him (and have plenty of reasons to be), some of his family members believe that Dan doesn’t respect certain family traditions by cutting his hair. He explains that people with longer hairs are seen as wiser and more knowledgeable, although he doesn’t seem to agree with it.

As a star, there are also others who have their opinions and preferences about Dan’s appearance. In this case, it might even be an influence on his carreer. Not everyone feels comfortable around his long, black beard. Dan has the same attitude towards them. He will stay true to the appearance he decided suits his identity best.

Dan Bilzerian learned a lesson about respecting yourself when he was 12 and discovered that a Dan commited suicide due to being bullied for his religion. Dan since decided to never give in to such bullies and stay true to who he wants to be, no matter what other people have to say about it. He also carefully picks his friends based on this. Of course, a person who builds a carreer around partying doesn’t have a hard time finding friends, but Dan values quality over quantity. A person who takes issue with Dan and any element about him that makes him the person he is, is not allowed in the group of people Dan considers a friend.

Although Dan Bilzerian greatly enjoys his job and his position on the list of rich people, he believes that staying true to yourself has much more worth than any of that.

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